Estate Planning Workshops at ACC Senior Services

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For over 10 years ACC Senior Services has been educating the community of ACC friends, families, supporters and volunteers through a wide range of financial topical estate planning workshops. These workshops are:

-Free to attend
-No obligation to make a commitment or gift to ACC or any other organization
-Educational in focus and purpose
-Designed for personalized questions and answers
-Cover topics ranging from retirement account required minimum distributions, tax law changes, beneficiaries, executorships, annuities, charitable planned gifts and more!

ACC remains committed to helping you plan your estate to achieve your personal and family financial goals for safety and security.

Upcoming 2018 workshops include:

Understanding the (Unintended) Impact of Beneficiary Designations and the Who, What, When, and How of Death Administration (flyer)


Speaker: Attorney Donna N. Shioya of LifePath Law, APC

Don’t create a mess for your heirs.

“I just put down my spouse as the primary and my kids as contingent beneficiaries.”

We have all done it.   We may not totally understand the impact of what we are doing when we do it, but we do it anyway so that we can finish up all the paperwork for our life insurance policies, investment accounts, retirement assets, or benefits provided by our employers.

This seminar addresses the misunderstanding of how beneficiary designations work as estate planning vehicles on their own, and in conjunction with existing estate planning vehicles, such as wills and trusts.

Some of the issues we will discuss include:

1.      Why naming minors is a bad idea
2.      Naming someone you believe will use those assets to benefit minor children
3.      The effect of leaving a former spouse as a beneficiary after a divorce
4.      Naming a disabled person or someone receiving government benefits as a beneficiary
5.      Naming your “estate” as beneficiary
6.      Failing to name any beneficiary or to update beneficiary designations after the death of a beneficiary, such as a spouse
7.      Causing strife for those you leave behind: Unequal distribution among all of the people you intend to benefit
8.      Not naming beneficiaries on inherited or a spousal rollover IRAs
9.      How do a will and beneficiary designations relate to each other?
10.  How do you designate beneficiaries on your assets when you have a living trust?

We will also give you a summary of the "who, what, when and how" of the administration of your estate upon your death, whether through trust or the probate process.  This is a great overview if you are named as the trustee or personal representative / executor in someone else's estate plan.

Financial Literacy for Women (flyer)

Speaker: Financial Adviser Esther Aw, CLTC, CAP

This engaging, informative workshop highlights the unique financial challenges women face and provides a forum to share their insights and wisdom in small groups. Through case studies of women at major stages in their lives and their common financial challenges, the workshop offers strategies for establishing and maintaining financial safety and security.