WhisperGlide wheelchair swing

Mahjong Tournament

Group Activities

Staying busy keeping our minds active, and having fun is key to a speedy recovery and good health. ACC Care Center offers a variety of group activities to satisfy various interests, from games to socials, martial arts for seniors to Zumba - each individual decides how to spend their time. Check out our recent events on Facebook!




Individual Activities

For residents who prefer individual activities, ACC Care Center offers internet ready computer stations with Skype capabilities, a variety of reading materials, and indoor and outdoor areas to enjoy.




Resident resting near a pond at the ACC Care Center

Outdoor Activities

Relax on one of our park-like patios, surrounded by beautiful Asian-inspired landscaping. This is a fantastic place to meditate, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time with family or friends.



Click here to view the monthly ACC Care Center Activity Calendar