Caregiver Resource Guide

Contact ACC Senior Services to request a copy.

The Caregiver Resource Guide is a 39-page booklet that provides informational support to family caregivers in Sacramento County. It was developed by the Bridge to Healthy Families staff at ACC Senior Services. Most of the information was obtained from agency websites. Please be aware that information on these websites may change.

It is ACC’s policy to provide information rather than to recommend specific service providers. We encourage you to research care options and choose the ones that best match your needs.

The Caregiver Resource Guide has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. We would like to acknowledge the effort of translators in making this possible.

To request a copy of this guide, visit ACC Senior Services, call us at (916) 393-9026, extension 336, or send email to [email protected] If you speak languages other than English, please do not hesitate to inquire in your own language. We will try to assist your needs to the best of our ability.

The production of this guide was supported in part by funding from Agency on Aging Area 4.